What is Verification and Validation?

Since Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is essentially automated systems engineering, and V&V is a critical part to any system or product development, we need to understand what the V&V process is and how to correctly apply it to the product lifecycle.

It’s always best to start from simple definitions.  Verification and validation are defined as:

  • Verification: “the process of establishing the truth, accuracy, or validity of something” [Google Definitions]
  • Validation: “the action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something” [Google Definitions]

These may not be most helpful definitions since, they sound almost identical. So, your next question might be “what’s the difference between verification and validation?” Let’s look at these words separately to better understand their meanings in common usage in the aerospace and defense communities, at least, and how we can implement them throughout the lifecycle.

What is Verification?

The verification process, should ensure that the developed system or component

  • meets specification-level requirements
  • proves that the solution-dependent requirements are satisfied
  • proves that solution was or is being built according to agreed requirements

Frequently the terms “Unit Test” and “Developmental Test and Evaluation” apply to verification

What is Validation?

Validation helps ensure that the system will ultimately be part of the accepted solution, in the target environment. The validation process, should

  • relate to customer and other stakeholder satisfaction
  • prove solution-independent requirements are being satisfied
  • be performed at the enterprise and/or system level

The goal is to ensure that the system will ultimately be part of the accepted solution, in the target environment. Frequently the term “Operational Test and Evaluation” applies to validation.

How Innoslate Supports the V&V process

Innoslate provides support for verification and validation through

  • test plans with full project traceability
  • accurate test processes through simulation
  • test center for all product/system test cases