Professional Development Event Model-Based Systems Engineering

If you are in the Washington, DC Area, April 24-26, 2018, don’t miss the Professional Development Event Model-Based Systems Engineering training course from TSTI.TSTI logo.jpg

This course is intended for practicing systems engineers, payload principle investigators, subsystem engineers or project managers involved in any phase of the space mission life cycle who are curious about application of MBSE to their projects. Some basic understanding of systems engineering principles and processes is assumed.

The course is organized in a unique, modular format allowing you to choose the depth of training appropriate to your interest and time available. Sign up for one, two or all three days.

Want an overview of MBSE? Day 1: Builds a foundation for understanding why MBSE is useful and its overall value proposition for your projects.
Want to be an MBSE user? Day 2: Builds on day one and provides a deeper understanding for potential users of MBSE to explore what types of products and artifacts can be generated and what they can be used for in your projects.
Want to build system models? Day 3: Builds on days 1 and 2 and dives deeper into the details of MBSE languages and tools and challenges participants to build their own models from scratch. While the course uses a specific tool for teaching, the goal of the course is to be “tool agnostic” such that the basic principles can be applied to any tools that a person or project may use.

For details and registration, visit or read the informational brochure. MBSE Virginia Course Flyer

When: Tuesday, April 24 –Thursday, April 26 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Where: Marriott Courtyard Dulles Airport, 3935 Centerview Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151
Cost: 3 Days – $1,600, 2 Days – $1,290, 1 Day – $980

Overview of DoDAF with Innoslate Webinar

It’s that time again. Dr. Steve Dam will be hosting one of our most popular webinars, “Overview of DoDAF with Innoslate.” Make sure to register for our latest webinar on DoDAF 2.0, on Thursday, August 24th at 2:30 pm EST.

Register here

Your webinar host, Dr. Steve Dam will provide you with an in-depth overview of the DoDAF 2.0 using the systems engineering software, Innoslate. Dr. Dam, the President and Founder of SPEC Innovations, participated in the development of DoDAF. He recently published “DoDAF 2.02 – A Guide to Applying System Engineering to Develop Integrated, Executable Architectures.” The presenter will provide a live tool demonstration of Innoslate with a questions and answer session to follow. 

What will be covered?

  • Clear understanding of the DoDAF
  • Knowledge of what will make a good methodology
  • Applicable use of the DoDAF Dashboard in Innoslate
  • Overview of DM2 Concepts
  • Export to the Physical Exchange Specification

When? Thursday, August 24th at 2:30 pm EST


Innoslate’s Ontology Webinar

Live Webinar June 6th at 2:30 pm EST

Everyone talks about “data-centricity,” but what does that mean in practical terms. It means that you have to have a well defined ontology that can capture the information needed to describe the architecture or system you work with or want to create. An ontology is simply the taxonomy of entity classes (bins of information) and how those classes are related to each other.

You’ll learn a relatively new ontology, the Lifecycle Modeling Language (LML). LML provides the basis for Innoslate’s database schema. In this webinar, we will discuss each entity class and why it was developed. Dr. Steven Dam, who is the Secretary of the LML Steering Committee, will present the details of the language and how it relates to other ontologies/languages, such as the DoDAF MetaModel 2.0 and SysML. He will also discuss the ways to visualize this information to enhance understanding of the information and how to use that information to make decisions about the architecture or system.

Join us live on July 6th at 2:30 pm EST.

After July 6th 2017, watch the recording here.

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Welcome to the new Innoslate blog! This blog will give us a unique opportunity to share news, updates and systems engineering community content. An archive of our previous content is available here:

If you are new to Innoslate, Innoslate is a modern full-lifecycle systems engineering tool. This cloud or on-premise web application was made specifically for systems engineers by systems engineers.

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